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Streamline mealtime with Blue Apron Meal Prep bundles—multiple delicious dishes made in one quick and easy cook session.

8 servings designed to be prepared in 90 minutes or lessDelicious, quality ingredientsNew recipes every weekChoose from Wellness & Family Meal Prep bundles


Quality ingredients, delicious flavors, and lean proteins to meet your Wellness Lifestyle designed to be prepared in 90 minutes or less. Your busy days will thank you.

Family Meal Prep Bundle

Wellness Meal Prep Bundle

2 recipes | 8 servings total

4 recipes | 8 servings total

Designed for time-strapped parents looking to enjoy the benefits of a home-cooked meal without the daily time commitment. With quality ingredients and fan-favorite flavors, every dish is sure to please even the pickiest eaters at the table.

Full of fresh, flavorful and health-conscious ingredients, Wellness Meal Prep Bundles provide 4 WW Recommended recipes that make multiple delicious and nutritious meals for the week.

70-80 MIN

60-70 MIN





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Once signed up, choose your Meal Prep recipes for the week by clicking the ‘Upcoming’ tab on our website menu.

Receive your Meal Prep ingredients and prepare 8 delicious servings designed to be prepared in 90 minutes or less

Select a Blue Apron menu plan on the next page (don’t worry, you’ll add your Meal Prep recipes later), and provide your shipping and billing info.


“I'm super busy and hate meal planning and grocery shopping but love healthy, yummy food. Blue Apron is awesome!”

“Love the new Meal Prep options—it works really well for me as a working mother.”

“Delicious meals. Makes meal planning so much easier. This has been a game-changer!”




Eat Well. All Week.

Chef-inspired recipes, easy-to-follow instructions, and multiple meals made in one convenient prep time. Sign up for Blue Apron today and make your busy days delicious.

Frequently asked questions


What kinds of recipes can I expect from Meal Prep by Blue Apron?

Meal Prep by Blue Apron allows you to prepare 8 delicious servings of food, in one streamlined set of steps. You’ll receive 2-4 different recipes (with new options to choose from each week), as well as detailed recipe cards and easy-to-follow instructions on how to prepare all meals at once, in under 2 hours. This means you get to enjoy a variety of delicious meals with seasonally inspired ingredients, instead of eating the same thing day after day. Choose from grains, noodle and rice bowls, entree-size salads, pastas, tacos, and more—all enhanced with flavorful sauces and garnishes at the end.


How long does one Meal Prep session take?

We’ve designed a cooking experience that should take no more than 90 minutes to 2 hours.


What materials and tools will I need to do Meal Prep effectively?

You’ll need 16 storage containers to hold your food and sauces—8 on the large side and 8 smaller containers for sauces and garnishes. We recommend glass for reheating.

We’ve designed recipes that require minimal kitchen equipment—just one pot, pan, a baking dish, and up to three sheet pans. A few mixing bowls will also be helpful. 

Round out the above-mentioned tools with a cutting board, peeler, and knife. You’ll also provide the olive oil, salt, and pepper that you normally have on hand.

Don’t forget to clear out fridge space to hold all of your meals!


How do I order Meal Prep recipes?

Once you’ve signed up for your Blue Apron subscription, you will navigate to the ‘Upcoming’ tab of our website. There you will see the Meal Prep Bundles option, where you can select your recipes for the week!


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